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My userinfo is currently still under construction :]

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About Me

I'm Ashley. I'm either the nicest person ever, or the biggest b*tch you'll ever meet. I know everyone says that, but it's true. I have an awesome
boyfriend that I love. He is my foundation, support system and best friend. I also have another best friend named Melissa. She is the biggest
sweetheart and I love her. I graduated in 2006 and am currently a Freshman in college. Being an "adult" sucks. And it's only the beginning.
I get seriously paranoid over everything. I take things way too seriously and have a really hard time forgiving people.
I hate liars and cheaters. I don't understand either one of those. I am a proud Christian. I've gone through a lot of bad things in my life
and am trying to make the best future possible for me. I wish I would have made my LJ name something to do with Green because I
am completely obsessed with the color. When I made it my nick name was the first thing to pop into my head haha. Don't ask... even though
it's pretty self explanitory. I plan on being a Special Education teacher, Kindergarten-2nd grade. I really just want to be "Susie Homemaker"!
I am in love with love. Marriage and commitment is the best concept in the world to me. I want "Cheaper By The Dozen" kids. Seriously...
I want a ton. I am addicted to The Sims and want my Sims life to come true. :] Topher Grace (aka Eric Forman) is amazing and I am
in love with him. I'm a natural redhead and I love it.

The Boyfriend

Michael & I are... simply meant to be.

June 5th, 2006
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